Friday, June 7, 2013

Another day in the life of a Trader Joes Social

Okay, i don't get it!!!!!! wtf! this is the second time witnessing this foolery and yes it is exactly that, because who has the freakin time for this. Anyway, I'm at Trader Joes and i'm picking up some favs and i'm doing the whole circle the entire store a few times before you find an item you're looking for- sooooo, as i'm doing this i pass by two guys chit-chattin it up. At first i didn't know what they were chit- chatting about in the middle of a highly congested common area and I didn't really care. So still on a mission to find this item and picking up a few more items on the way without bumping into 50,000 people, i made my way back to these same two guys! still chatting for at least 35 minutes and in the way annnnd oblivious to people trying to make their way around them. Just fucking rude!!! So because they were so enthrawled in their convo, one of the guys did not notice that he was blocking me from passing another person and their cart coming towards me. Okay, so i say excuse me and this dude turns around and looks at me literally for 5 seconds as if i said Fuck yo mamma , hesitantly pulled his cart over to the side, looks at me as if i were bothering him and then turns around and continues to talk to his friend about some production/TV stuff, go figure-Los Angeles.  The time before this incident were two ladies- once again but this time, blocking the frozen food isle while people scrambled around them, talking the whole time i was in the store, which was an hour.  I mean i see you in the grocery store, it's hey how you doin, you doin a little shoppin? what you got planned for today? okay girl, i'll see you later, gotta get outta this store, Bye! 5-8minutes flat! that's it, this aint no hang out after the club, movie or play type situation and let's chat. It's not that hard to find a corner to enjoy that juicy conversation in. Come on. Idk, but there is something so pretentious about the whole scene. It makes me wonder, would they be carrying on like this if they were in say.... I have never seen this ish in Ralphs, Food for less even Vons and Pavillions! I have never seen a freakin social HOUR in any of these places except Good ol' Trader Joes. SMH